April 09, 2014

Toe Cleavage Bra? Apparently this is real life

I was hoping this was an April Fool's joke.  But, alas, it is April 8 now and the website remains alive.
Introducing Brasieks:
"Turn heads in Brasieks, the first ever foot bra for enhanced toe cleavage. Made from the finest Uzbek silk, Brasieks incorporate a discreet, no-show design that provides natural-looking toe cleavage. The lace trim creates a classic, yet sexy look, while the adjustable heel clasp and elasticized edge ensure a perfect fit. Three levels of support let you pick the look that’s right for you -- try Demure for a subtle lift or Vixen for maximum toe-stopping cleavage and fullness. Perfect for showing off your favorite toe ring."
There is just so much wrong with this description. 
First of all, who wants more toe cleavage.  I already don't like shoes that show tons of toe cleavage by accident.  Much less, on purpose and enhanced from the finest Uzbek silk.  WTF.
And as far as the lace trim creating a "class, yet sexy look", toes are toes and the cleavage between could just as easily be called toe pits.  Let's not get it twisted.
"Perfect for showing off your favorite toe ring".  Stop with the toe ring.  Just stop. 
Foot sluts, save your astounding $65 on this foot bra and show your tits if you have to show extra skin at all.  Toe cleavage is simply not becoming a "thing".  I didn't have to watch Fashion Police to know that either.  I just surmised it by not having a creepy food fetish and not being a total weirdo.


  1. Geez Marilyn, you just seem angry. Why? To some of us, this is a very sexy look, and I for one, am glad to see your prediction of its demise has failed to materialize. As long as there are men out there who adore women who show off TC, there will be designers who incorporate it into their designs and there will be women who will wear such shoes. To me, nothing is more sexy.

  2. Okay, I have 5 pairs of Tieks; the first three, no tow cleavage, it was marvelous....fast forward to 2022 and this company is seriously shoving the toe cleavage down our throats. I bought two pairs ( totaling over 500 dollars) and the toe cleavage is despicable, I mean there is SO MUCH of it the toe box is ridiculously short now. I think they are doing it on purpose and now I am stuck with these fucking shoes and their outrageous toe cleavage....( they dont allow returns if the shoes have been worn wtf?)