April 21, 2014

Tips from a new mom to other pregnant women or new moms (on nursing)

When people tell you about breastfeeding, they might mention something called "let down".  You will not know what that means initially.
Let me explain it in lay man's terms.
You will know when it happens because it feels like you are being electrocuted on your nipples.  It will then be followed by two very obvious and embarrassing wet marks on your shirt. 
It is important to note: This may happen when you are in the privacy of your own home.  It may happen when you are waiting at Enterprise for your rental Mini Van.  Or it may even happen when you are standing in your front yard with your mother in law and her friend, with nothing more to cover yourself than a 10 pound dog.
This is why breast pads were invented and all nursing clothes are black.
'Tis better to look like a pudgy Johnny Cash than to have to wet nipps when you are out in public. I now know this.

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