April 28, 2014

Heart KLG

I just want to go on record as saying that I love Kathie Lee Gifford.  I just love how she doesn't take herself too seriously.  In fact, I don't think she takes herself seriously at all.
 In the cutthroat world of morning television that includes Kelly Ripa, AKA Satan's Spawn in a size 00, sometimes you just need a little humor from a woman who has no boundaries and no shame.  And who loves to jiggle her "bat wings" at least once a week.

I guess I feel the need to defend my love of KLG because I actually met her once, and then was immediately informed that meeting Kathy Lee was not even remotely impressive.  This was during her Live with Kathie Lee and Regis days.  Maybe it's something in the air, maybe it's Gelman, or maybe it's just my lack of tolerance pre-noon of overly peppy people, but I think all things Live! have been and always will be annoying as hell.  It is my hate of morning TV.
Any who, I  met KLG in Florida at a place we used to go with my family.  Along with another star struck preteen, I sauntered up to her table and asked for her autograph as she was sitting by the pool with her kids and ol' Frank Gifford.  (I didn't ask for his autograph because 12 year feminist Marilyn didn't want anything to do with the John Hancock of a well known cheater).
I went home to show my parents and was promptly informed that A) No one likes Kathy Lee and B) under no circumstances are you supposed to approach celebrities at this place and ask for their autographs.
Double oops.
In some fit of rebellion or trying to be cool, I threw the autograph away, along with my equally as impressive collection of autographs from the cast of Clueless...the TV show, not the movie.  But I wish I'd kept it.  Not that it would have any value whatsoever, but because it would make me think so fondly of Kathie Lee, her long acrylic nails, and her love of speaking her damn mind!
It remains a mystery to me why they have the wine at their table each morning because they never, ever drink it.  But I did see Kathie Lee chug an entire bottle of wine on the Ellen show once so I am not questioning her relationship with wine. 
Love ya girl.

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