April 03, 2014

New Theory on Stupidity

I have a new theory: That people who seem really stupid are just regular people who are really, really, REALLY sleep deprived.
I used to pride myself on never forgetting anything and always being on top of my game, as it pertains to remembering absolutely everything that needs to be done and always being on time.  And by on time I mean at least 5 minutes early to everything.  Well, my baby is only almost 1 week old and I have officially lost my damned mind.
I can't remember what I did 15 minutes ago, much less what day of the week it is.  But it is so worth it to appear like a total dumbass to the rest of the world to wake up to this little face all hours of the night.
Welcome to the gun show, ladies
Maybe I'm biased but I think I might have the most adorable baby on the planet?  Poor Rosie doesn't know what to do with herself.  She's equal parts amazing big sister and totally confused and experiencing abandonment issues. 
If I had to guess, in this picture Rosie is thinking, "What in the high hell just happened to my perfect life?!"


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