April 23, 2014

Tips from a new mom to future moms or women who are pregnant (on the night shift)

If you are nursing your child and are solely responsible for waking up with him/her throughout the night, there will come a time when you decide that there is no greater injustice in the world than your husband sleeping a solid 7-8 hours in a King size bed while cozied up to your adorable dog while you get 4-6 hours of segmented sleep (it becomes impossible to tell how much you slept after a while), sharing sleeping quarters with an infant, and slumbering in a twin bed that somehow heats up to 300 degrees every night (or maybe that is my hormones)...
...There is no "but" to this story.  It still doesn't feel like it's ever going to be fair.
It does, however, help to imagine yourself like this sort of badass while you feed your baby in one of a variety of overly slutty nursing tops from Target. 
It also helps when you see this little face when you get up each time and your heart melts, even while your eyes will barely stay open.

Side note - It was easier than expected to say goodbye to the full body pillow.  Now that I'm not pregnant anymore I either relish sleeping on my back, or curl up in a ball and pray for daylight...which always comes, but not before I see darkness every 2 to 3 hours a few more times.  And now it doesn't constantly look like there is a dead body underneath my sheets, so that's a plus.

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