March 04, 2014

Car Seat Inspection

This won't make you laugh, but it will end the argument you are having with your husband about whether or not your car seat is installed properly.  Because, despite a certain someone's casual attitude, this sort of thing matters.  Like, A LOT!


I went last week to get my car seat installation inspected at the fire station.  I felt like a tool bag going there because it seems like an over cautious thing to do.  But it did in fact end an argument I was having with my husband and put my mind at ease as to the safety of my future child.  So feeling like a giant nerd bomber was a small price to pay.

BTW - Having the seat in the middle is the safest.  And taking off any unnecessary accessories like a mirror or head rest reduce the risk of things that can fly in your baby's face in the event of a car accident.  So they basically unpimped Jack's car seat, but all in the name of safety.

Bonus: The fire men were actually cute and hunky!  Not the pudgy, mustached old men that usually drive around in fire trucks dispelling your dreams of sexy men in high heat and hard hats.  They also could not have been nicer or more helpful. 

 I already can't wait to go back to get my forward facing car seat inspected when Jack gets older.  So many car seats, so much money to Babies R Us.  What a freaking racket!


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