March 12, 2014

"Is It Sunday Yet?" Please say no.

This is an inexplicably terrible product for lots of reasons.  But allow me to name a few.

First of all, grown women who like baby dolls enough to still buy them don't care about football...or have friends. 

And men who care about football enough to buy accessories pertaining to it don't want baby dolls.  At least not openly.  At least unless they are registered sex offenders.

Where would you even put this?  Next to the beer and brats?  At least for me, that might be the one way to get me to not gorge on finger placing them next to the world's creepiest, latex sports curmudgeon.  Not worth the buffalo wing to have to get near that little monster!


In what world is team spirit best expressed by a sad doll crouched over like a young Quasimodo wearing a banana hammock made of gauze?

This just all around needs to not exist.  Particularly for $39.98.

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