March 24, 2014

Still Pregnant

Sorry for keeping you in such suspense...I'm still pregnant.  I think I'm going to change Jack's full name to Jack NotInA Rush.  He obviously doesn't know what kind of anal host he's dealing with.  I like to say that the last time I was late to something was on my own birthdate.  The same better be true for this little fashionably late tot once he finally enters the world.

Although I take it as a high compliment to my womb that Jack still wants to be there, I take it as a major offense to all other parts of my body.  Like my new stomach horn, AKA "The artist formerly known as belly button".

But I don't want to complain per say.  I know I'm lucky to be pregnant at all.  Or, Pregnant Plus in this case.  So let me just leave you with this visual.  A snapshot of the daily email I get from other moms due in March, discussing their feelings and experiences to date.  Each of these subjects is a message board.


My feelings can be best expressed by the boards titled "I'm dead", "So Upset!", "Crying".

And they say women are dramatic!

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