March 16, 2014

Ice Cream Sundays - Salted Caramel Core

I finally have a new flavor to report!  Thanks to the support and reconnaissance of a friend and supporter of the arts (the arts being my need to eat all ice cream ever), I got my hands on one of the new core flavors.
And it was a good old fashioned fun experience.  Thanks in particular to this:
Looks like someone took a dookie in the ice cream.  But it's actually a big log of caramel.  Sweet, sweet, heavenly caramel.
Here's the full description of the ice cream:
Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Blonde Brownies & a Salted Caramel Core.
I would have preferred bigger chunks for the Blonde Brownies.  They were a bit small for my taste.  But when it came to the Salted Caramel Core, I could not have asked for more.  I kept getting scared it was going to disappear as I got down to the bottom, but it was the core that kept on giving.
I still don't like this whole "core" thing as much as the original flavors, but it was so fun and fitting to have a new flavor as I became the most pregnant ever.
Thanks Stuart for the new flavors!

Flavors Tried - 46

Favorite Flavors  - Rockin' Blondies

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