March 27, 2014

Sweet Kale Salad Kit

This is just a good old fashioned recommendation of a product that I am excited about.  I can't remember where I first had it, it was at a dinner party of some sort, so thank you to whoever introduced me to it originally.  I just rediscovered it on my bi-annual pilgrimage to Costco with my mom and got so excited to try it again. 
Disclaimer: I'm not a member, but I'm the daughter of a member.  That counts for some prestige, right?
The salad is packed full of healthy super greens like kale, cabbage, brussell sprouts, broccoli, and chicory (wtf is that?!).  You could serve it at a big party to lots of people, or do what I did and serve it to yourself and your husband for lunches.  I had it with a side of kielbasa and mustard.  Random?  Yes.  But that's what happens when you are part of a shopping group that also purchased 4+ pounds of the flavor meat links. 
The salad has a somewhat raw flavor due to the raw greens in it, but once you get some of that yummy poppy seed dressing, chewy dried cranberries, and crunchy little sunflower seeds, you won't even know that what you are eating is healthy.
Literally...I asked Grant if he liked the salad and he said, "If it is bad for me, then I didn't like it.  But if it was good for me, then I loved it."   Oh Grant, you make me giggle.  He was also in love with the kielbasa and asked me, "What is this meat?!  This is amazing!"  Easy to please, appreciative, and highly confused - what more could you want in a lunch recipient?

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