January 23, 2014

Uninvited and A-OK with that

There are two majorly awesome things this year that I am actually really glad I am both financially and invitationally not allowed to go to and here's why:

1) The Super Bowl - Because my beloved Panthers won't be in it and because it will be freezing.  New Jersey in February?  No thank you very much.  I'll be sitting by the fire on my couch eating well-priced buffalo flavored snacks.  Maybe even an O'Douls if things get crazy.


2) The Sochi Olympics - There are a growing number of reasons why I don't want to go to this epic event.  Here are a few:
- Russia's anti-gay law = One word --> disgraceful
- Terrorist threats and Black Widows already on the scene = Not trying to die 
- See below.  The only thing I hate more than discrimination and terrorism is freezing my nads off:

I really do want to go to Russia so bad.  But not this year.  Not these Olympics.  It's too scary and cold for a little wimp like me.  Sometimes it's real nice not to be included.


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