January 12, 2014

Ice Cream Sundays - Peanut Butter Fudge

It's official --> I am out of Ben and Jerry's flavors to try.  There is nothing available in Wilmington that I haven't already tried.

So I'm on to bigger and better, but mostly bigger things.  Namely, cartons.  

While I do love Ben and Jerry's, the price, size, and calories per unit pale in comparison to other brands out there.  

For instance, I just happened to find the best ice cream I've ever had at Target for less than $4.  And you get a lot.  And it's literally half the calories of Ben and Jerry's even though it's not "low fat" and is positively loaded with chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

I present to you:


The consistency is unbeatable.  You know how when you first open a container of ice cream it is sheer perfection from it's general virgin state and the fact that it has been thawing in the car for the 10 minute drive home?  Well this ice cream is always like that!  No need to heat it up in the microwave to loosen it up or jam your spoon with all your might into the rock hard carton.  It's just there for the taking, almost whipped, if you will.  It basically wants you to eat it.  Now.

And trust me, you will.

Sometimes I miss fun chunks in my ice cream if it doesn't have a lot of toppings.  This ice cream contains peanut butter chunk/swirls that are the best of all worlds: Surprise flavor pop, texture differentiation, no painful rock hard chunk to conquer.

This is it people.  The ice cream of 2014!  At least Q1 2014.  Or until I find something else to obsess over. 

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