January 15, 2014

Shut Up Sky Mall Magazine - Insta Slim Just for Men

Sky Mall strikes again.  This time with "The Original Proven Slimming T-Shirts Just for Men".

I'm pretty sure it's a widely known fact that men should not wear tank tops.  Ever.  So you would think it would go without saying that under no circumstances should they wear what is basically the Spanx version of a tank top.

But apparently not.  According to Sky Mall "Millions Sold Worldwide".

Who wouldn't rather have a man with a little bit of belly fat over a man wearing a spandex tank top serving only the purpose of vanity?  Not me.

I like my men like I like my butter.  Real and full fat.

"Nothing to lose but your lumps, bumps, and bulges."  They forgot to mention all of your dignity and any chance at ever getting laid again once this garment is revealed.

Please note in this picture above that the man is wearing women's underwear.

Here's a revolutionary idea.  Eat less and exercise.  It cost less than buying shape wear from Sky Mall Magazine and you won't have to go about your day knowing that you are no better than any other insecure lady underneath your button up.

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