January 10, 2014

Prenatal Yoga & the Art of Just Breathing

Last night I took my first official "Prenatal Yoga" class.  It was remarkable only in the sense that it was not exercise at all.  


Like, basically you just have to be able to breath to do it.

Like, I don't even need to wear a sports bra to the next class but I'm going to because regular bras now hit the upper part of my humongous stomach in such a way as to cause serious irritation so I relish all excuses to ditch the under wire.

It's official.  Pregnancy progression is inversely related to bringing sexy back.

The class was great though.  I highly recommend it if you are Pre, Natal, and want a calm hour to yourself.  It's at Heartsong Yoga on Oleander and it's offered as a 4 week program every month.
Despite it's calming nature, however, I could not stop giggling to myself thinking how great it would be, after the entire class introduces themselves, for the teacher to say, instead of "Who here has never done yoga before?"

"OK, Who here is a virgin?"


 You know...because everyone is busting at the maternity spandex with fetuses.

I'm totally going to use that in my next life as a new age prenatal yogi.

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