January 28, 2014

I Miss Mindy

You know what is kind of bad?  I think I might be more excited about April 1 (the return of the Mindy Project) than March 18 (my due date).

It's not that I'm a terrible person or not going to be a loving mom.  It's just that the Mindy Project is the best show ever to grace Television.  And it left us with one of the most epic cliff hangers in cinematic history.  If you're a girl and totally love romantic comedies!  If you're only into murder and mystery, this won't make you feel quite as strongly as it does me.
 Here's the thing:

On or around March 18 I'm either going to be pushing a baby out my hooha or, according to the rather douchey doctor I saw yesterday, having a c-section.  Jack is breeched and loving it so I might have to go the surgery route.  Whatevs.  As long as he's healthy, and all that feel good crap.


Also, I know with 100% certainty that on April 1, Mindy is going to make me giggle and giggle and maybe even pee my pants a little if what they say about having children is true.  It's likely to be more like a couple of weeks before Jack cracks his first smile and months before he makes his first intentional funny.  The odds for having me in stitches aren't in his favor.  Unless you count the literal type.  Then he's the front runner.
This is my first Tuesday of the Mindy Project winter sabbatical so perhaps I'm being a little dramatic as a result.  The good news is March + April will be filled with debuts of all kinds --> Mine as a mother, Jack's as a human, and Mindy and Danny as two people K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a tree!

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