October 11, 2012

Non-Orthopeadic Like Woah

I want to bitch slap this idea.  Front-heeled Shoes
The article says these shoes are "scary beautiful".
The writer of this here article says these are scary stupid.  The style of these shoes and the angle of the dangle of the person wearing them reminds me so much of livestock I can't even stand it, or explain it.
While I'm sure Lady Gaga will be all over these babies, I for one will not be joining the trend.  I will also desperately have to resist the urge to trip any person I might see wearing these insane shoes, because you know shit ain't stable.
I implore you to watch the video on the bottom of this article.  Homegirl looks like she has a cattle prod up her ass. 
No thanks!  I think I'll stick with my flip flops and tennis!

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