October 16, 2012

Work Out for Me

Have you ever tried the Pure Barre/Barre Fit/VBarre/etc. style classes?  They are NO joke!
For some reason I thought this type of class was going to be some first and second position, maybe a few lunges, some twisting toward the bar, and a light little excercise. 
I went to my first class last week and I was dripping with sweat by the end.  Which was unfortunate only because I assumed it would just be some light stretching with no sweat involved, so I had to go back to work immediately afterward lookin' a hot mess.  This was made even more hilarious/gross by the fact that I did it with two of my coworkers during our lunch break.  So we all 3 had to go back to work like some sweaty trio of unshowered, shaky employees.  Oh did I forget to mention how much you shake during the class.  I could barely walk up the steps back to work an hour later.
But I mean all of this in a good way.  It was an incredible toning workout and I want to go back again and again.  There are several places in Wilmington that offer the class.  But the only one I've tried and the one that has the best prices in town according to my research is Open Studio on Military Cutoff.
I went back for a Yoga Fusion class today and it was equally as awesome!  I just love it when you are expecting to get a good workout and instead you end up getting a GREAT workout.  I am so happy I did it during my lunch break and it made be feel amazing for the rest of the day.
While I'm not one to typically shell out a bunch of money for speciality exercise classes, these Barre style classes are totally worth it in my opinion.  LivingSocial.com currently has an offer for 5 VBarre classes at Lithe Core Pilates Studio for $47, so I bought that too!  I'm ultimately going to end up buying a package at Open Studio because I absolutely love that place, but as long as the LivingSocial deals keep popping up, I'm going to keep grabbing them.
Go try it today.  Your body, your butt, and your boyfriend will thank you :)

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