October 02, 2012

Blue for Jesus

I was in Atlantic Beach last weekend for a beautiful wedding.  Before heading out to the ceremony Saturday morning, I watched a little TV. 
I ran across a station on which a woman, in overalls, with a blue wig on, was translating a message about Jesus's love into sign language.
Now I totally get the general premise of this idea - Obviously people who are deaf should be able to watch TV too.  A basic right is a basic right.  I don't care who you are, you gotta watch TV!
But here's what I can't wrap my mind around.  Why must one wear a colored wig to translate?  Why would one ever wear denim overalls on Television?
And most puzzling, why is Jesus being portrayed as an Indian surfer who just happens to be wearing a burlap vest?
So many questions, so little sense.  And so much more of the color blue than is necessary.

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