October 17, 2012

Negative Ghost Rider

I received this in the mail yesterday and was literally taken aback by it.
I mean, Wow.  Negative much?  Dramatic much?  A much too much?
I'm against all negative campaigning in general.  If you can't stand strong on the basis of your own merits, than you aren't a strong candidate.  Don't resort to attacking your opponent to get votes. 
Good goal: Being the best you that you can be!
Bad goal: Being the best at violently attacking someone else's character.
While you may succeed in casting great doubt about the character of someone else, by being so aggressively negative you have erased all doubt about yours.   
The only thing this sender is getting my vote for is Most Dramatic!  I'm surprised the message wasn't written in actual blood.  Aren't politics grand :P

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