October 31, 2012

Garden Eats

Guess what?  We grew this in our garden:
Napa Cabbage

I still can't believe the amazing things that novice gardeners can grow with a little TLC. 
And guess what else?  We grew these green beans below!  I didn't even know how green beans grew until my husband planted them.  You learn something new everyday!
All vegetables in this dinner, courtesy of our backyard!
This is an upclose of the prepared cabbage.  I went rogue on this one and it turned out AMAZING.  I just cooked 4 pieces of prosciutto in a little olive oil until they were crisp.  Then I added a leek and sauteed that for a few minutes.  Finally I added the thinly sliced cabbage and a beer and let that simmer for about 10-15 minutes. 

The colors might look dark and burnt, but the taste and the subsequent Ooh's and Aah's I got from Grant were enthusiastic and fantastic!  
(Note to self: Work on pictures to make your food look less like dog food)

This is another meal that I made using the homegrown green beans and the rest of the prosciutto.  Chicken Marsala by Tyler Florence.  Something about sliced and quartered mushrooms are so meaty and delicious.  I love a good 'shroom!  Especially when I find them in a decadent, salty, crispy, Marsala wine sauce.
Prosciutto makes everything yummy!

I guess there really is no point to this post.  I just thought I'd share the beauty that is gardening.  And cooking.  And eating.  Food.

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