October 25, 2012


RAOK - A Random Act of Kindness.  It doesn't roll off the tongue quite like SNAFU or ASAP, but it comes from a good place.
I have recently experienced two RAOK's that have left me feeling reassured about humanity.
Last week a hem came out of my dress so I went to my regular tailor to get it stitched back up.  Mama don't sew.  I was prepared to get a ticket, wait a week, and come back to pay for the repair upon collecting my dress.  Well Son of Bee sting if he didn't fix it on the spot.  For free!  He wouldn't even let me pay him when I asked.
Flash forward to yesterday, I went in to a jewelry store in which I have never stepped foot to get a loose stone tightened in a ring I have.  Same story - Fixed it on the spot, wouldn't even let me pay him.
It's raining kindness, people! 
I guess if you have a smile on your face, go to nice people, and ask nicely (as long as your shit isn't messed up too bad), then people really are there to help you!
Now I have a dress that is hemmed, a ring that is fixed, and a heart that is warm.  All for $Free.00.  You can't put a price on kindness!

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