October 23, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!

Tonight marks a great night!  For it will be the first one in over a month that I don't have to worry about watching baseball or a political debate.
Sadly, the Cardinals lost the playoffs last night.  While Grant is semi-devastated because his beloved Cards lost, I am semi-elated that the yearly struggle of tolerating baseball viewing in my house is over!  Those games last FOR.EVER.  And the fact that this fell on the same night that the last political debate occurred is just the big ol' cherry on top. 
Back to the Nightly News and the Real Housewives of Everywhere! 
And back to Grant going to bed 4 hours earlier than me.  Which is just to say that he goes to bed super early and I cannot, ever, make myself go to bed at a reasonable time.  One day I'll learn!

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