July 18, 2012

Talk About a Nip Slip!

I'm about a year behind on this grotesque find, but I just heard it referenced for the first time on an SNL re-run last weekend and had to share.

Presenting: The first "dress" ever to be made from a combination of 3,000 cow and yak nipples.

Yak nipples gross you out?  That's ok, it's 10% yak nipps.

First of all, that is not a dress.  That is a light smattering of bovine nipples that doesn't even kind of cover her human nipples.

Second of all, ew. 

I may shop at Ann Taylor Loft and the Gap, but if wearing animal nipples is fashionable I don't want to be right.

Furthermore, if this is, as the designer insists in the article, art, not fashion, then I have to say I prefer my most recent post on abstract art much better - coffee mold.  It's strange, it's beautiful, and it never had the option to be milked.

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