July 24, 2012

Less than Great Clips

I think my hair is made of elastic.

I got yet another accidentally dramatic haircut last night.  I innocently went to Great Clips to get a trim and rid myself of my, again, accidentally dramatic/trashy layers.

We agreed on 2 inches, which mb the measure of a ruler is not so great.  But, apparently by the measure of the haircutter who told me a 10 minute story about her pit bull taking a poo in her car on the way to Montreal, is enough to make me look like a page boy. 

The fact that this happens every. single. time. I get a haircut makes me think that the length of my hair wet is drastically different from the length of my hair dry.  And/or that my hair is made of elastic.

Either way, this little page boy is going back in a ponytail ASAP!

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