July 30, 2012

Stretch Genius Genie

Have you seen the commercials recently for the Stretch Genie?  Stretch Genie

I keep seeing them while I'm watching awesome shows like "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".  And then I start thinking, if I'm watching the same show as the targeted audience of people who don't know just to buy shoes that fit right in the first place, then I'm probably stupid, or actively becoming stupider.

While it just strikes me as very stupid that someone would need this for their loafers or heels (I mean, seriously, just buy the right size), the glove application of this product downright scares me.

O.J. Simpson ring a bell, anyone?  Sure, "the glove didn't fit".  But did anyone check to see if the Juice was stashing bottles of Stretch Genie in his glove box?!

There are some inventions that are really just un-inventions.  Inventing a product that stretches shoes that are too small is the same as inventing shoes that fit.  But the latter was done centuries ago and the former cost an additional $9.99.

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