July 17, 2012

No S'more Meals

I promise I will stop talking about S'mores after this, but remember this post a mere 5 days ago about eating at Crow Hill
Well, in cray cray/scary news, it closed forever 2 days after we ate there.

Thank goodness it closed because of a "poor economy" and not "rat infestation".  That makes me a little less terrified that I ate a restaurant 48 hours before it went out of business.

Restaurants here don't have a very good track record for staying open long.  Future Restaurateurs in Wilmington, NC are a brave bunch, indeed!


  1. I was so sad to hear about Crow Hill closing. It was one of my favorite restaurants here and a great place to grab a drink!

  2. I am totally bummed out about this! I loved this restaurant.