July 13, 2012

S'More Please!

Last night I went to a lovely dinner at Crow Hill in Wilmington, NC.

I don't usually order dessert - I'm a savory bitch all the way - but when someone suggested ordering the S'Mores desserts for the table, I didn't put up too much of a fight.

Cutest Presentation Ever
It came presented like a real campfire S'more setup.  That little blue light you see above the Hershey's Chocolate is an actual flame.  I don't know what was making it stay a'flame for so long (couldn't have been natural), but we actually got to roast our own marshmallows for the S'more sandwich.  T'was very cool.

I just hope that if they ever have super drunk dinner patrons they lie and say that they are all out of the S'mores, because that flame was for real.  It was still burning by the time we left. 

Great idea for a restaurant dessert presentation.  And a fitting homage to this Sunday's Ice Cream flavor!  Stay tuned...

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