July 10, 2012


I was beginning to worry that my passion for celebrities was going away recently.  Robert Downey Jr.'s trailer was basically parked 2 inches from my backyard yesterday, and I just didn't care.  They are filming Iron Man 3 in Wilmington.  Woop-tidoo...

Sure I'd done some light beach stalking where Julia Roberts was allegedly staying on the beach last week, but I made to real effort to see Gwenyth Paltrow or RDJ where they are staying at the same nearby beach.  I feared the worst.  My celeb-obsessed days were over.

Then my friend emailed me from Mexico to tell me that the "short and stocky" member of Boys II Men was beside her on the beach- get this- getting a facial!!  First of all, his name is Wanya.  Second of all, kudos Wayna for using your sleeper status as  the most successful R&B group of all time (real fact) to get mid-day beach side facials.  And lastly, the excitement I felt upon reading this information renewed my faith in celebrities and my ability to care about them for no logical reason.

It turns out I just don't care about Superheroes!  All hope is not lost.

In unrelated news, the word "Fortnight" is so hot right now!

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