December 09, 2011

Service with a bitter smile

Do you know what is not awesome?

Customer Service phone operators who give you the runaround. As in, "Let me talk to you for 20 minutes, listen to your problem that you've already told 5 other buffoons, act like I can help, and then ultimately tell you that the solution to your problem isn't in my department."

I recently synced my iPad to my computer for the first time in a while. It asked me if I wanted to join the Cloud. Naturally I said yes, because who doesn't want to live on a cloud?

Big mistake. That simple click of YES immediately deleted my Apple ID and all ability to work with the 300+ songs I've purchased from iTunes.

Commence Freak Out.

After calling LITERALLY 5 people, who told me that they "Have limited capabilities over the phone" (why the HELL is their a phone line for this sort of thing in the first place then???) I finally got word that my ID had spontaneously been changed to my email address.

Whatever. Problem solved.

The point is that it is damn hard to stay nice when you feel lost in a sea of telephone operators. I am a pretty nice person. And I was very nice to the first 2 people I talked to. But after explaining my issue for the umpteenth time to Customer Service Representatives 3-6, my voice got hoarse and my personality got a little "ragey".

If I am a paying customer who did nothing but get duped because I signed up for something that YOU offered me, don't screw with me. And DON'T mess with my musical collection of Mariah Carey and what is essentially "Now That's What I Call Music" volumes 1-37.

There are some things I can live without. But an mp3 of "Everybody Dance Now" by CC Music Factory is not one of them.

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