December 13, 2011

Indian Feast Made Fast and Easy...and Cheap!!

Do you ever crave an Indian feast but not want to spend restaurant spices to get your fill?? Well I have got just the thing for you. Simmer Sauces! I am sure there are several out there, but these are the two brands I've tried from the International Aisle at Harris Teeter. They are near the Soy Sauce.

It is SOO easy to make a luscious Indian meal. Just grab these few ingredients below:

1) Simmer Sauce

2) Jasmine Rice (how is this rice so good??)

3) Your meat of choice! I went crazy last night and did a combo of chicken and shrimp.

Saute meat, add simmer sauce, and simmer until meat is done and rice is cooked! It's so easy and the finished product is a warm bowl of Indian delight.

Of course the above picture looks more like dog food than an Indian feast, but that's just because I'm too lazy to use my real camera and instead continue to take sub par quality pictures with my phone. That's why this sauce is so good for a lazy girl like me!

Make this tonight! You can make the whole jar, meat, and rice for about $10 and that makes 3 servings. Booya!

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