July 29, 2010

My singular bag is packed, I'm ready to go

Sometimes, I measure days in "sleeps". I do this because the only thing I hate more than waking up in the morning is trying to fall asleep in the first place.

Therefore, to accomplish a sleep is a really big feat for me.

Anywhoooo, that being said, I only have 2 more sleeps until I get to go on my Honeymoon!

I am so excited I could just pee my pants.

However, I'm doing two really un-diva things regarding the trip.

First, I'm fitting all my clothes for 2 weeks in a backpack...as in, not even checking a bag!

Second, one of the nights we are staying in a hostel that actually used to be a military prison. That means we are actually sleeping in an old prison cell! Romance at it's finest.

Obviously I'll be off the radar for a couple of weeks while I'm gone, but I'll be sure to send some international diva observations whenever possible!