July 09, 2010

Fantasy Draft

And no, this post has nothing to do with Lebron James, although I'm sure that his decision to go the Miami Heat will continue to affect my life profoundly.

This fantasy draft is all about food! Top Chef food to be exact.

A few of my really busy friends and I have joined a Top Chef DC fantasy draft group called DivaSaysChef. It's pretty cut throat and intense, and I'm in the lead.

Won't you join us?? The passcode for the group is PackYourKnives3712.

If that doesn't work, just send me your email address and I can invite you.

Obviously you have to watch the show for it to make sense to join, but I feel like most people do, so shut up and join.

For those of us who are good at exactly zero sports, this is a really good way to channel your competitive side, while still basing your life around food.

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