July 14, 2010

Dream Team

No joke, I think I would rather go on a date with Spencer Pratt than Mel Gibson.

While Spencer Pratt is arguably one of the most insanely obnoxious and attention starving a-holes that Television has every known, he kind of looks like a prince when compared to Mel.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard this phone recording between Mel Gibson and his baby momma.

Absolutely descipacble.

A million things come to mind when hearing this horrifying rant. Firstly, if Mel didn't realize that Oksana's boobs were fake in the year + that they were together, then he is more of an idiot than he is a racist assface.

Second, to wish any harm, especially gang rape, on the mother of your child is truly reflective of a psychotic individual.

My only hope for this situation is that his career is absolutely ruined and that he never has a relationship with a woman again.

If Tom Cruise is still getting grief for jumping on a couch out of love, and David Hasselholf is still catching hell for drunkenly enjoying a cheeseburger on the floor, than Mel Gibson should forever be scourned and remembered for his bigotry and violent behavior towards woman.

There! I said it!

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