July 16, 2010

Charlie Brown's Mom

Why do Dental Hygienist insists on asking non-rhetorical question when they are cleaning your teeth?

It's like they want to a) give you a great smile, and b) make you feel like a terrible conversationalist.

I went to the dentist the other day and while she was complimenting my teeth (toot toot), I couldn't respond at all! It made me feel so rude and unappreciative.

If I were a dental hygienist I would just sit there and spill my guts out, requiring no response whatsoever...maybe even shocking the patients into absolute silence.

Or, perhaps I would read a dramatic haiku or some other sort of one man show.

To all the dental hygienists and dentists out there who have asked me something that I was unable to respond to, I apologize! It's not me, it's you...and the giant metal device you're shoving in my mouth.

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