July 22, 2010

Booty Pop!

Big news!

I was just informed by my trustworthy associate that boobs are out - so 2009 - and big ol' booties are in.

You want proof? You can clearly see in this article that the model pictured used to be depressed with her regular sized butt. But now that she has Booty Pop panties she can finally smile again!

Improve your quality of life and buy a pair today! Apparently they are selling like hotcakes on the Internet (hotcakes = the volumptuous version of a pancake ass).

One (huge, gigantic) flaw with the product is that you can see the "VBPL," or "Visible Booty Pop Line", if you are wearing anything besides thick jeans.

So, if you are planning on transitioning from day to evening wear, make sure that your day date is with an ass man. Or make sure that you date someone so unobservant that he doesn't notice the frequent disappearance of your badonka donk.

Shake what your momma and world wide web gave you!

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