February 25, 2014

Setting the bar low

Because I refuse to spend $300 putting my baby on a chinchilla rug and having his photo taken right after I quit my job, this is totally going to be me/Jack.


Poor, poor little lad.  He won't know his mom is a low-budget bitch until he realizes all the other kids at school have things like smash cakes and smocked outfits.  And he just...doesn't.


  1. I die, this is hilarious! I love following your blog- you crack me up!! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about being a new mother!! Congratulations again, can't wait to see that little nugget!! PS- you and Nancy are so lucky to have prearranged bff/cousins!! :)

  2. AMEN to this post! Diva Says What is helping me get my abs back after having the baby. Thanks!