February 17, 2014

Asian Relaxation

The future of relaxation is here.  And it is called Asian Relaxation Center, located at Racine Commons.


 Let me start by saying that my dogs haven't just been barking recently.  They have been positively whimpering in pain.  This is my only real pregnancy complaint, but it is real and it is freaking painful.

I have had two people suggest this Asian Relaxation Center to me so I went to check it out last weekend.  It is basically like a walk in spa for massages.  I made an appointment an hour in advance but me thinks that if you just showed up they would be down with that as well.

At first you might think it's a happy ending sort of place.  You go back to a dark room with little to no explanation in English and just wait for someone to come tend to you.  Real talk: The first time I went the anticipation was killing me.  But it's not that sort of establishment...You perverts! 

But then you realize that the only happy ending you are getting here is the most legit, heavenly foot massage of your life, without any of that pesky, "Make yourself comfortable, get under the sheet when you're ready" BS.  

This is very much a wham, bam, thank you Asian man situation.  And it's my new everything.  I actually went back the very next weekend and thought I'd died and gone to heaven with the foot rub.  I also got a neck/head massage which was really nice, but not as relaxing since laying on your back while pregnant makes you feel like you're going to vom, and explaining that to someone who doesn't speak English makes you feel like you are taking crazy pills.

The foot rubs are the ticket.  I'm sticking to those.

Nonetheless, go to this place.  You can basically get any half hour increment of time you want.  It's typically $1/minute.  Certainly more than I've ever made!  But totally affordable if you just get a half hour ($25/30 minutes for foot).  I might go back every weekend until I have this baby :)  Sorry I'm not sorry at all.  My feet feel like that of an old crippled 600 pound lady and they need to be rubbed.  A lot.


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