February 04, 2014

My Eyes Deceive Me

You know what is kind of cray cray about being pregnant?  Besides the tiny human growing where once there was only boneless buffalo wings and miscellaneous fruits and veggies?

Your vision changes!  At least mind did.  I recently had to change my contact prescription because I couldn't see anything far away.  And I just got confirmation that this is real thing in my daily "What to Expect" email - an email that comes once a day to either convince or reassure you that your body going haywire is a totally normal part of the process.


"But wait…are your eyes actually deceiving you…or at least, playing tricks on you? Many women discover that their vision seems less sharp during pregnancy, or that their contact lenses are less comfortable than they used to be.
Pregnancy hormones do more to your body than meets the eye, yet they also do plenty to your eyes. They affect not only your digestive tract and your ligaments (not to mention your reproductive organs), but also cause a decrease in tear production, leading to eye dryness, irritation, and discomfort. What's more, the same fluid buildup that causes your ankles to swell can also cause the curvature of your eye to change."

Yay.  More fun shit.


This is really NBD because changing a prescription is easy peasy if you have an available eye doctor that you trust.  Which I do...now.

When I lived in DC I thought I was suffering from the worst case of pink eye since lower school contagion.   For like a year.  After going to no less than 4 eye doctors, it turned out that I was just allergic to my contact solution and never hard pink eye.  I guess that's what you get for going to eye doctors at the mall.

One of the doctors I went to I found like I found all my awesome care providers when I lived in DC - by cross referencing insurance covered providers with proximity to my office...whichever office that was at the time.  Oh me of many jobs and little pay.


While I was delighted at his proximity to my office and the fact that he was not located in an underground mall like the last man, I was none to pleased when I came to discover upon our first meeting that he was deaf, cross eyed, and, most offensively, had a pony tail.  

 I think it's great to be different and imperfect, but when it comes to service providers that actually work on one of your 5 senses, I think it's actually OK to discriminate to the extent that such a provider must actually have all 5 of their senses fully functioning.  


I eventually learned my lesson and became one of those ridiculous adults who waits until they go back to their hometown to go to the doctor.  But not before trying 3 dentists (one who gave me a filling without numbing me first and making my sister cry on a separate occasion), 2 gynecologists, and 4 eye doctors.  That was all in 3 years.  
3 years, 4 jobs, 9 medical care providers...am I sure I'm not crazy?  'Tis a wonder I'm not running a small Government faction on Capitol Hill with that track record!

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