October 04, 2013

What to Expect When You Have Even Marginal Common Sense

The only modern literature I've been reading about being pregnant is What to Expect When You're Expecting.  I say "modern" literature because I have gone some good stuff coming your way from the pregnancies of yester year. 
But honestly, in this world of apps and the Internet, who needs to read 500 pages about non applicable ailments when you just want to feel as normal as possible and not like a rapidly expanding hypochondriac?
I prefer not to be told how I'm supposed to be feeling.  I think it's 90% psychological.  I told myself I wasn't tired in the first trimester and I made it to the gym almost everyday.  Granted, I ended up burning like 60 calories in a half hour, but at least I Jedi-mind tricked myself into making it there each time.  That's half the battle.
My whole point, besides to imply that I hate the written word, is that the book is total common sense for the most part.  I did learn to stop using my usual face wash with salicylic acid, which could NOT have come at a worse time since my skin was OOC.  But I got some Cerave and am now dealing with what can only be described as skull-ne.
But besides that I learned some really ground breaking things like: Don't do drugs, don't eat raw chicken, don't drink a pitcher of margaritas.
I was also able to skip about 300 pages of the book that didn't apply to me like:
-What to do when you are addicted to cocaine and pregnant
-What to do when you have chlamydia and become pregnant
-What to do if you are having sextuplets
So it ended up being a pretty quick read!  Stay tuned for some mind blowing tips from the 40's coming next week.
Are there any other pregnancy books you have read that actually taught you a lot?!  I'm open-minded, but with a strong preference for Television, so make it count!

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