October 11, 2013

More from Expectant Motherhood

Ah, the good old days of the 40's.  When butter was a food group and quitting smoking was actually frowned upon during pregnancy...
This brings us to what is by far my favorite excerpt from this book, and not even slightly embellished on my part.  Very fitting for the weekend too, because if you are pregnant, you might not be able to smoke or drink, you can still giggle:
"While most obstetrical authorities, then, disapprove of excessive smoking in pregnancy (twenty-five or more cigarettes daily), there is no reason for believing that a woman who smokes moderately, let us say ten cigarettes or less a day, need change her custom at this time.  If you have been used to smoking considerably more than this for several years, by no means try to give them up in pregnancy.  There is no surer way of upsetting the nerves at a period when you should be calm and happy, or of converting a placid, sweet-tempered girl into an intolerable shrew.  With negligible effort, even the most inveterate smoker can usually be content with a package a day or somewhat less, and if you arrange this there is no great cause for concern."
So to sum up, don't you dare try to quit smoking if you currently smoke more than 10 cigs a day, just because you are pregnant!  Heaven forbid you turn into an intolerable shrew!
Mind = Blown

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