October 03, 2013

Animal Arithmetic

I saw this license plate, not surprisingly, as I was leaving the Vet's office yesterday picking up some medicine for my baby girl, Ro Ro.
Rosie has been experiencing her menses for the last 2 weeks.  It's been a really interesting experience for us all.  But do not ask her about, she's not ready to talk about it.
Don't be ashamed Rosie.  You're a woman now!
The medicine I was getting was actually for heart worms.  I just thought I'd take this opportunity to over share about my dog's menstrual cycle.
So, the license plate.
The only thing I can say to this is...Actually, it does not equal that?  I looked it up.  Kid is not even another word for a horse, baby or otherwise.
Sure I'm basically letting my dog use my entire house as a her personal maxi pad.  And sure I've wished more times than not that I could carry her around in a Baby Bjorn.  And I feed her more organic food than I feed myself.  But that's Rosie.  She isn't even my kid.  She's my princess.
You can't fit a horse in a Baby Bjorn.  You can't cradle it in your arms and tell it everything is going to be alright.  You can't fit in a makeshift hammock that you make with a combination of your legs and a Snuggie.
It's just not the same.  HRSE does not = Kid.

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  1. This blog needs far more pics of RoRo! She's the BEST!! And congrats on the 'real' baby news!!