October 18, 2013

Shut Up Sky Mall Magazine - Nettlestone Library Ensemble

I'm currently in the air most likely reading another riveting copy of Sky Mall magazine.  This find, however, comes from Early Spring 2013 edition that I just unearthed while cleaning my desk.

There are a lot of stupid things in Sky Mall Magazine, but few are stupider than a $1000 table that daylights as a bookshelf. 
Why would that be necessary?  Are out-in-the-open tables something to be ashamed of? 
Or do some people just prefer the arduous task of assembling their table before each use?  Heaven for bid the table be sitting ready for...well, sitting.
First of all, books don't look like this.  Closed, open, big, small -- they just don't. 
This is the table in it's table form:
Perfect table for a tea party! 
It actually has wonderful reviews which made me feel like a cynical bitch.  It also reminded me that for most of my life we had a coffee table that was a set of faux books and I loved it. 
Nonetheless, $1000 for fake books you sit on.  No thanks Sky Mall.  You lose again.

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