October 01, 2013

Push Presents - Love 'Em or Leave 'Em (or don't have a choice)?

Let me preface this by saying I won't be getting one.  My husband has already told me that he will never, ever support the concept.  Fine by me.  Why would I want him to spend a bunch of our money on something materialistic for me when we need to be saving for our baby's future - both far, like college, and near...like poop catchers.
I already told him I'd be more than delighted with a fully loaded Italian sub for my push present.  9 months is about 9 months too long to go without my favorite mixed medley of Italian meats.  Fatties, am I right!?
Hello, gorgeous.
Wine, sure I miss you.  Beer, shockingly I haven't thought about you much.  Deli meats - my heart yearns for you!!!
Anyway, back to the ridiculous modern invention at hand: Push Presents.  Whoever invented this is some sort of evil genius.  In fact, if it wasn't so new I'd swear my grandmother did it.  Or really any of a number of cunning rich white people I know.  I'm talking diamonds, gold, and other jewels, not just a new pair of pajamas.
That being said, if anyone who thinks they need/want/deserve a lavish push present and you need to be humbled, check out this board post from my "birth club" on Baby Center.  Some are very own to earth and non materialistic, and some are just plain cut throat:
"My push present was my daughter. I don't need or want my husband to buy me anything for having our child."
"I think it's pretty dumb. You were just gifted the most amazing thing ever and now you husband is supposed to go out and buy you something as some sort of thank you or whatever...dumb and superficial. I have a friend that obsesses over it and I want to punch her in the face every time she mentions it. I am choosing to have this baby, right? I don't need a thank you, I have my baby...that I wanted."
And my favorite:
" Honestly, I didn't get a push present and didn't want one. I did however give my husband a present for putting up with a psychotic wife during the 9 months lol this pregnancy,

Now let me switch gears for a minute and be one of those needy snobs.  I just realized that, like her mom, my baby is going to have a semi-precious stone for her birth stone.  If it's a boy, no big whoop (unless he's a fabulous gay man).  But if it's a girl, my apologies in advance.  Don't get me wrong, aquamarines are pretty and they make my eyes pop.  And your husband and parents are probably going to be much more likely to getting you a birth stone if it cost less than renting a bouncy house.  But sometimes a lady wants a compelling reason to be gifted a sapphire or diamond.  My birthstone may be semi-precious but I'm all the way precious.  It just seems like a mismatch.
Ok, now I'm back to being "down to earth". ;)

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