October 22, 2013

I Heart the Biking Population

Recently it has come to my attention that in biking, unlike in any other sport, there are a lot of dudes with huge beer bellies.
It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  Wearing this when you have a big ol' tum tum really isn't a big deal:
You're all covered up and most of these guys have skinny legs anyway so the spandex is NBD.
Wearing this on the other hand:
Not going to happen when you have more than 20% body fat.  Running is not the sport for those who prefer the 12 oz. curl over the 12 mile run.  And I'm not judging.  I am 100% one of the former.
And when it comes down to it biking is just plain fun!  The breeze through your hair, riding around like you just don't care.  It's all good stuff.
Running is like the Raw Food Diet of cardio.  It sucks in every way possible except that it's good for you.  But, literally, in every other way possible - SUCK CITY.
Hooray for biking and for stomachs with enough fat on them to reflect lifestyle choices of fun and food.  That's what life is all about.  At least my life.
Running just makes me mad.

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