October 09, 2013

Fertility Fodder from the Forties

Move over Bossypants and Mindy Kaling.
There is a new funniest book in town. 
It's called Expectant Motherhood by Nicholson J. Eastman and it was published in 1947.  To say things have changed since then in the world of prenatal science is an understatement.  It's also the basis for some remarkable dissection in this book, of which I have selected a few to share with you.
For instance, in the chapter titled "Diet and Hydiene in Pregnancy", there is an entire good group, Group 7, called Butter and Fortified Margarine.
Maybe I was born in the wrong decade!  Because I love some real butter like it ain't no body's business.  This book is hilarious for a lot of reasons, but mainly for it's wicked contradictions. 

There is a whole additional chapter called "Weight Control in Pregnancy", which they hit you with after declaring that butter is a food group!  Than after they tell you the 8 steps to controlling your weight during pregnancy, and that "it is rare for expectant mothers, even though thy be of rather sedentary habits, to gain excessively if they are actually, day in and day out, on a 1900 calorie diet," they provide you with a table of a typical day's menu.  That menu, folks, adds up to a range of 2500-3600 calories
So by following these guidelines, you are sure to either lose weight during pregnancy, gain a healthy amount, or die of a heart attack from eating almost twice the amount you should actually eat.  Sound advice, 1940's.  With plenty more to come.

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