September 13, 2013

Things I'm Hating Friday

A lot of bloggers do these "Thing I'm Loving Friday" post.  So in that same vein, although a much more negative vein, I'm going to do my first "Things I'm Hating Friday".
Not because I like to be negative.  Just because I recently discovered 2 things that are so horrific that I had to let the world know.
First up is the "Bethenny" show that just premiered on NBC.  If I could describe this show in one word it would be: Unwatchable.
While I respect her as a business woman and a self-made multi-millionaire, I do not respect her as a self-obsessed beotch, which I totally believe she is (and have since April of 2011 - see here).
I watched, or rather, attempted to watch two episodes of the Bethenny show and it was uncomfortable to say the least.  She is awkward, trying to hard, and quite frankly, she dances funny.
She talks ad nauseum about relating to her audience.  That's what it's allll about.  But here's the problem.  How can an audience of normal looking woman of average socio-economic status relate to a 90 pound multi-millionaire whose pair of shoes cost more than most people make in 3 months?  Answer: They can't.  And bringing unknown comedians and male strippers into the mix isn't going to help that fact.  If I was a betting woman, I'd say your days at the 3 o'clock slot are numbered.
The last one is quick.  It's just the worst pedicure place I've ever gone to in my entire life:
As you can see from the link above, all the reviews are terrible.  I gave mine a scathing review.  They didn't rub my legs at all which is 100% the reason I get pedicures.  They literally made me bleed from scrubbing my foot so hard, and I still have a cut on my heel from it.  I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of terrified it's going to become infected.  I've been loading it up with Hydrogen Peroxide twice or thrice daily and neosporining the crap out of it, but it's still there almost a week water.
Pedicure gods have mercy on my heel!  I do not need gangrene in my life right now!
*Editors Note: Do not EVER Google image "bad pedicure".  I will never recover from those results.
If  you are in Charleston, do NOT be tempted by the fact that there is a TCBY right next door that you can bring into the salon.  It is not worth it.  This place is wretched!
Ok, now on to more positive things.  Like the fact that it's almost the weekend!!!!!!

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  1. I saw the Bettheny episode with the male strippers and just felt so bad for her and uncomfortable! I hope she gives her audiences lots of complimentary Skinny Girl Margs throughout the filming to make it tolerable.