September 24, 2013

Epic Celeb Sighting

On Sunday I saw a Teen Mom in the Atlanta Airport.  And I don't mean just any teen mom.  I mean a real Teen Mom.
Maci Bookout.  With no "e" y'all, because it's extra classy.
If I could describe the excitement in one word it would be..."non".
No one was staring at her, no one was asking for her autograph, no one even appeared to recognize her except for me, the 29 year old white girl who clearly needs to upgrade her tastes in Television.
It turns out if you want that perfectly manageable level of fame in which you get paid for doing nothing but aren't harassed or recognized too much in public, you just need to get knocked up by a raging douche when you are 16 and get on a reality show!
And yes, she was TINY in real life.  Like maybe 90 lbs.  Her hair was also a multitude of colors, but mostly that purple/red combination she's been rocking recently that occurs exactly zero times in nature.

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