September 27, 2013

Ghetto Jewels and Edible Gold

When I was in Houston last weekend my sister took me to this most ghetto-fabulous "jewelry store".  I think it was called Accessory Warehouse.  It was like the Taj Mahal of cheap jewelry.  And it was amazing.  I got 5 pieces of J.Crew looking jewelry for $35 TOTAL!
They also had important necklace messages like this:
I think there was another one with something like "I'll Cut a Bitch" on it.  But I didn't spring for that one either. 
Even though the place smelled like a combination of cigarettes and child labor, we decided that even if the jewelry disintegrated before we even got to our cars it was still a better deal than jewelry from C. Wonder of J. Crew.
Speaking of that trip, did you know that Delta still serves snacks on the plane?!?!  I was blown away when I was offered my choice of complimentary pretzels, peanuts, or cookies.  I also think the disgruntled flight attendant was blown away when my answer was "Yes."  I was hoping to get all 3 but had to settle for just the savory delights.  2 is better than 1 though!  Especially if you are a ravenous prisoner to the air.
I got the Biscoff cookies on my second flight, which reminded me of this Biscoff Cookie Spread, which I immediately bought more of at World Market, which remains the best thing ever.  Get some today!


  1. they sell that spread at trader joes.. it's gold, pure gold.

  2. Gold is the choice of a confident man. It is rich, it seems difficult if done wrong.