September 11, 2013

Things I would Never Try

I saw this last night at Walgreens when I was shopping for Hydrogen Peroxide (more on that later).  I was fairly astounded.  The Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar.
Absolutely everything that I have ever tried to suction to my shower tiles has come off unexpectedly.  But it never really mattered that much because it was always just supporting a loofah or some such bath ritual nonsense.
This looks like it's intended to support your whole body.  I'm not going to say how much I weigh on the World Wide Web, but I can tell you this: If my previous shower accessories couldn't hold a half-ounce loofah, I'll be damned if I'm putting all this girth onto a grab bar, with the only possible cushion to catch my fall being a porcelain tub. 
Diva Says Owwwwwie.
"No holes, screws or tools required"...What are qualities I do NOT what I want in things that support my full body weight?!

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