September 09, 2013

Amazing Discoveries: Alouette - Italian Herbs

I recently loaded up on some spreadable cheeses at Harris Teeter during a snack attack.  And I came upon a cheese discovery that will be in permanent rotation from here on out:

These is the most flavorful little packet of cheese that isn't that expensive!  It only has 40 calories, is easily spreadable, and provides enough shmear for at least 5-8 crackers.  I like that ratio!

Simply Fresh Milk and Cream...and Herbs.  What more could you want from a decadent cheese and cracker snack!?  You'll feel like you're at a fancy party.  But with the added bonus of not having to make small talk with strangers.
They are particularly awesome when paired with these most amazing crackers of all time:

Thank you Milton's for making the most texture-rich, fresh and crispy little cracker on the market.  I am already excited to get home for afternoon snack time with friends family myself!
These probably aren't presentable enough to serve at a party.  I mean, who wants to unwrap a bunch of packets of cheese and serve them to guests?  But thy are more than presentable enough for a party of 1.  Perhaps with a crisp glass of white wine!?

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